As We Begin a New Year

Good Monday Morning,

Errr – well I know it’s actually Tuesday but, I wanted to send this out to you guys as a weekly hello and a few thoughts to cary you throughout the week.

I already had chosen a topic for this, but will use it next week as to day’s topic is my own wakeup call and message not only to you but to myself as well.

Structure – keep it in your life, it will do you well. And, had I done so, this would have been a Monday Morning Message.

Nature is full of structure, just look around you.  Night to day. Fall, winter, spring, then summer.  The way a spider weaves the web, the way bees make a honeycomb.  It’s everywhere and it’s good.

As you begin your first few days of school this year, think about adding structure to your day. You’re now at a place with new found freedom, time on your hands, and an unleashing of personal freedom and time.  For just a second, step back and try to add some structure to this freedom.  In some regards, school will do this for you with class schedules, deadlines and the sort.  But, between those imposed time slots, there’s going to be a huge amount of time to occupy.  Put some structure to that – unbeknownst to you, we did this for you as kids.  Take the week and those ’empty’ time slots and add something regular, predictable, and consistent to them.  Whether it be exercise, lunch, meditation time, dinner, a walk, time to write, or just some free time, pick a time slot add an activity and make that activity and time stick. And, do this for a period of time consistently.

I think you’ll be surprised how many compartments are available for that special activity and the enjoyment you’ll have as you look forward to that activity.  I think you’ll see that you’re more efficient, focused, and this will foster an overwhelming feeling of success and accomplishment.  Do this, try it for a month and see how much better you feel.  Take your week and build a simple grid one day at a time and then an hour at a time.  Add in the things that are imposed upon you – classes, work, meals, church, etc.  Then add in the things that support those activities – study time, meditation, sleep, etc.  Now look at the open time slots that you have and fill them in with activities that you want to do for yourself – exercise, TV time, down time, etc.  Put them in the open slots.  Now when you’ve done that, you’ve got a schedule.  Stick to that schedule, live that schedule.

Try it for a week and then if you need to make modifications, do that.  But, try and keep to the schedule.  I’m going to and I’ll let you know how my week goes.

God bless & have a great week.