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Dr. Rick Rigsby – FFA Keynote 2015

I was recently given reference to Rick Rigsby and to the motivational talks that he is known for giving. All I can say is that he’s spot on. This talk resonated with me as what he’s encouraging is what, as a parent, I’ve tried to accomplish. Be your best, achieve your dreams, and have an impact. While there are many other messages and take-a ways from this talk, that seemed to sum it up for me. I hope you listen, enjoy, and take heed.


To Know Success, Fail First

I saw this commercial for the first time this week and was inspired by the message and how much it resonated with my own personal experiences. Falling down is something that we all do and have done since birth. In fact, just watch a 2-year old and how many times he falls down while mastering the walk. Yet, once mastered after countless falls, it’s something that literally lasts a life-time.

Oh that we would all have the vision to know what failures would endure if we just keep at them until success is ours and how long that success would endure.