Monday’s Message

Doug DennisOver the course of a week, for me inspiration happens untold times in unimaginable places and at unpredictable times. Whether it be during the daily commute, on a walk, or over lunch – I never know when; they just ‘happen’.  They’re often not huge ideas or extremely complicated thoughts; but little tidbits that upon reflection, have deep and profound meaning.  They form a beginning that many times matures into a connection to other ideas, a conduit from which other ideas flow.  And, for me, they become that song in your head that once you hear it first thing in the morning, it’s there for the day.  Nagging, reminding, nudging.

I wanted to capture some of those more significant moments and share them with my two college sons.  To inspire, encourage, and to perhaps foster a meaningful moment for them – a song in their head. Monday’s Message is that place where I post one of the significant ideas from the prior week.  My guide post for the upcoming week to them that caused me to stop, think, ponder.  To hopefully cause them to do the same.

Welcome to Monday’s Message – little ideas for a bigger life